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Toblerone Building Corner detail (Digital Print)

Toblerone Building Corner detail (Digital Print)

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Black & White 40x30cm (inc 4.5cm white border) PDF image at 300dpi
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Toblerone Building 

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Architect: Rista Sekerinski
Completed: 1963
Status: Grade II Listed
Brief Overview: 

Nestled within the Karaburma district of Belgrade, the Toblerone-shaped residential edifice, often referred to as the "Toblerone Tower," is a distinctive architectural marvel. A prime testament to brutalism, this iconic building graces the vicinity adjacent to Pancevo Bridge. Its unique form resembling the Toblerone chocolate bar's silhouette is a striking conversation starter. Crafted under the visionary guidance of architect Rista Sekerinski during the early 1960s, this masterpiece has become an enduring symbol of urban design innovation. The Toblerone Tower seamlessly marries its iconic shape with the bold principles of brutalist architecture, captivating the essence of an era while enhancing Belgrade's cityscape.

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