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Welcome to District B-03.

A distinct district comes into view, where the formation of striking structures is an architectural marvel to behold. First, a concrete motorway emerges, stretching into the horizon with unwavering determination, its sleek lines carving through the landscape. Textured floors guide your footsteps, their rugged surfaces adding a tactile dimension to your journey. Tall columns rise proudly, their unyielding presence evoking strength and solidity.

We have envisioned our hometown of Birmingham as a utopia of Brutalist design, where concrete stands supreme. Abstract compositions have been crafted, incorporating Birmingham's renowned, hidden, and demolished Brutalist structures. With the relentless transformation of our cities, the beloved Brutalist movement faces mounting threats. Thus, we aimed to fashion worlds where these architectural gems form an integral part of the landscape.

Spaceplay's new collection pays homage to this iconic movement by reimagining Birmingham as a visionary Brutalist cityscape. Each print within the collection embodies the raw power, geometric forms, and grandeur of Brutalist architecture.

Product Type

- Black & White Risograph Print 
- Print on 30 x 42cm heavyweight moleskin paper
- Unframed Print

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Risograph Printing is a special form of digital screen printing which
creates a vivid contrast and rich texture to the printed artwork