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Mini 042: Renold Building

Mini 042: Renold Building

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MINI 042: Renold Building

Hand cast concrete miniature 3D artwork
Comes Gift Boxed
Hand Cast Concrete
5.5cm high, 5 cm wide, 6cm deep (approx)


Renold Building 

Location:  Renold Building  – UMIST campus
Architect: W.A.Gibbon
Completed: 1962
Status: Closed / Unlisted
Brief Overview: 

Renold Building, a distinguished architectural gem in Manchester, was designed by the eminent architect W. Arthur Gibbon. This edifice stands as a testament to modernist principles, blending functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. Completed in 1962, it features a striking curtain wall façade that marries glass and concrete, embodying the spirit of the era. The building houses a variety of academic and administrative spaces within its nine stories, providing a dynamic environment for learning and innovation. Its innovative design includes expansive windows that flood the interior with natural light, creating a conducive atmosphere for intellectual pursuits. Renold Building remains a cherished landmark in Manchester, embodying the essence of mid-20th century architecture.

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Our concrete sculptures are individually hand-cast in solid concrete. This means that each piece will have distinctive markings and minor blemishes due to air bubbles in the concrete. This is a natural part of the material and will mean that all pieces are different.

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