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Mini 047: The Long Lines Building

Mini 047: The Long Lines Building

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MINI 047: The Long Line Building

Hand cast concrete miniature 3D model
Comes Gift Boxed
Solid Cast concrete

9cm high, 6cm wide, 3.5cm deep (approx)

33 Thomas Street (Formerly the AT&T Long Lines Building)

Location: New York, USA
Architect: John Carl Warnecke
Completed: 1974
Status: Present
Brief Overview: 

The building is a telephone exchange built to house telephone switching equipment and has an average floor height is 5.5 m. The floors are also much stronger than usual, designed to carry 200-to-300-pound-force-per-square-foot. It is often described as one of the most secure buildings in America, and was designed to be self-sufficient with its own gas and water supplies along with generation capabilities and protection from Nuclear Fallout for up to two weeks.

33 Thomas is likely a location of a mass surveillance hub operated by the National Security Agency

Please note:

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Our concrete sculptures are individually hand cast in solid concrete. This means that each piece will have distinctive markings and minor blemishes due to air bubbles in the concrete. This is a natural part of the material and will mean that no two pieces are ever exactly the same.

We aim to make and ship your artwork within 28 days.  If you require your order by a specific date before this please let us know. 


Our concete models are all made using a fine grain quickset cement with a polymer additive. This gives a good balance between strength and detail casting. However concrete is a brittle material and our models are delicate and can break with impact.

Shipping & Returns

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We aim to ship within 28 days but priority shipping can be purchased if you require faster delivery.

You can cancel or return you order at any time. Once we recieve the product back undamaged you will recieve a full refund (excluding postage).

We do not refund damaged parcels.If your order arrives damaged please contact us immediatley to arrange for a replacement.

Care Instructions

Concrete is a brittle material and so our models are delicate objects. They can be chipped or cracked easily and so need to be protected from knocks or falls.

Our concrete mix is also not waterproof and so should be protected from damp and moisture

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