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The Tatler News Theatre miniature model

The Tatler News Theatre miniature model

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Cast 3D model portraying the architectural design of the entrance facade of The Tatler News Theatre (now The Electric) on Station Street


Location: Birmingham, England 

Architect: Cecil Fillmore (1937 rebuild)

Opened: 1909

Brief Overview:

The UK's oldest cinema - sort of! The remarkably resilient Electric has taken on many guises during a century and more of showing films. From newsreels and cartoons as the Tatler News Theatre in the 30s, to a mix of softcore porn and blockbusters as the Tivoli in the 80s, to the sofa hideaway movie-goers know and love today.


Our Wonderland Cinema models are all made using a high purity plaster which gives a good balance between strength and detail casting. However this plaster is a brittle material and our models are delicate and can break with impact.

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