Mini Concrete Models

Collect your favourite Brutalist buildings in miniature form. Hold them in the palm of your hand or display them proudly on you desk or shelf. Our miniature cast concrete models portray forms and textures in tiny precise details. Featuring some of our favourite iconic Brutalist buildings from around the World.

Ideal as unique gifts or collectible ornaments for anyone who perceives the beauty in Brutalist Architecture

Miniature Concrete Models of Brutalist Buildings

Hold your favourite concrete building in the palm of your hand and treasure it forever.

Our models are crafted through a fusion of digital precision and artisanal craftsmanship. These remarkable pieces begin as meticulously drawn digital 3D models. We then bring them to life through 3D printing to create bespoke moulds, resulting in beautifully hand-cast concrete models.

Perfect as unique gifts or extraordinary centerpieces, these Brutalist-inspired wonders are a testament to 20th Century design and artistry that will leave a lasting impression in any setting. Elevate your décor with these concrete masterpieces today!